Air Trail by Night

Experience the UK’s biggest Air Trail by night at Tees Barrage!

Throughout the year we will host special night time events where you can explore Air Trail in the darkΒ and use head torches and neon glow wristbands to help guide you through the course. These sessions offer a unique experience where you can tackle Air Trail’s many obstaclesΒ under the shimmering light of the moon and the stars. Take in views across the River Tees and see the whole borough lit up while you are high up and safely fastened. After your daring night time adventure, you can relax with hot food and drinks and relive your unforgettable memories with your friends!20161112_RC88574_HDR-medium

sky climb

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An absolutely brilliant experience and had the staff to match it. Will be back again soon for sure!
Darren Gofton