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Following the government lockdown announcement Air Trail is currently closed until further notice.

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Competition winner Nicola Stewart was ‘over the moon’ when she won a recent Air Trail competition. The competition which ran for a couple of weeks on Facebook, saw hundreds of people enter looking to try and win a massive prize: tickets to go watch Middlesbrough Fc take on Bournemouth in the Premier League!

Winner and Boro fan Nicola, was randomly selected from hundreds of entries to win the tickets. She gave the tickets to her Boro-mad nephew and brother-in-law who thoroughly enjoyed the game. They received a double whammy too as they cheered Middlesbrough on to the first home victory of the season, beating Bournemouth 2-0.


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I hate heights and I conquered my fear today! Great staff, great fun! Definitely going again. #NailedItKimberly Anne